NFT Art Exhibition - Show Up
Superlative Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
22 - 28 May, 2023

     It's an honour for RaptorVz to have participated in this exhibition hosted by Superlative Gallery, which featured a remarkable lineup of talented artists. Sharing the same space with these accomplished individuals is a privilege and a testament to the creative diversity on display. In his very first exhibition, RaptorVz is allowed to transform his digital art into physical art and convey his artistic vision, mission, and emotions to a broader audience. A significant milestone and experience in his journey as an artist.

- Invictus, 2023
Anime + Manga Show
NOX Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
25 - 26 August, 2023

     During this physical exhibition, RaptorVz had the privilege of unveiling a new facet of his anime art style. His works delve deeper into the realm of emotional expression, focusing on the intricate nuances of individuals within social life. Getting an exhibition opportunity in Japan is one of RaptorVz's dreams that has come true. Deeply honoured and profoundly grateful to Superchief Gallery NFT for their curation and to NOX Gallery for graciously hosting the exhibition. This event really means a lot.

- Nothingness 「虚無」, 2023
- Your Words, Your Death, 2023
- Frozen Heart, 2023
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